Ariisse Farms Manesar

This 11 acre farm land is enriched with mud huts and promises comfort & relaxation blend with the beauty of nature. The mud huts are categorized into four sections, Deluxe, Superior, Twin & the Grand Zamindar Suite. Ariise farms witnesses a beautiful sunrise view everyday from it private verandas. Chirrping of birds, variety of plantation, soothing morning, and pleasent fragrance of 1000 rajnigandhas just refreshes the surroundings. Along with ethnic Indian games and activities, the Ariise Farms offers theatre style seating space for corporate meetings & conferences. Apart from corporate trainings, family holiday packages, and day picnics, special education cum fun programme for school students is available.


Just 10 kms from Manesar Chowk, Gurugram
Four types of Mud Huts, deluxe, superior, twin & the Grand Zamindar Suite.
Ideal place for corporate meetings, conferences & trainings.
Mud bath, balancing your ph levels.
Package starts for R. 649/- only


  • Dedicated 100 seater space for corporate meetings & conferences.
  • Ethnic Indian games Sling shot, Kho-kho, Marbles and Tug of war.
  • Welcome drinks on arrival.
  • School Packages starting from Rs. 350/- only .
  • Meals for students include Veg patty, burger, French fries, fruit drink.

Games & Activities:-

Kho KhoKabaddi
Tug of WarBullock cart ride
Mud BathArchery
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