Never Enuf Garden Railroad

NeverEnuf Garden Railroad runs the scake model trains in its miniature world spreaded over 20,000 sqft area, it displays sights of its magical world – all beautifully arranged over an acre site. Browny rocky hills, water bodies and flower bouqets are beautifully landscaped in this mini magical world. The trains hurtle across bridges and arduously trudge across hilly slopes let you feel the leisurely pace of sleepy towns and rustic villages. Try your hands on the remote controlled boats and cars in the magical world.


  • Garden railway spreaded over 20,000 sq.ft. area with 500 ft tracks.
  • Interactive controls
  • Remote controlled boats and cars
  • Farms birds and rabbits
  • Picnic area with dart boards, board games and other interesting games.


  • Board games as per the demand
  • DIY toolkits as per the age groups
  • Parking facility
  • Supervision for the RC devices and interactive controls
  • Proper cleanliness of the premises


  • Pre-registration based museum
  • Costing Rs. 550/person
  • Free for ones under the age of two years
  • 100% advance is required alongwith confirmation
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